Run for Special Olympics


3% reached of total of €15.000

The 2024 Paris Marathon is on the horizon. It's a unique opportunity to push your limits while making a major difference in the world.

By opting for a Dossard Solidaire for the Paris Marathon, you will not only be running 42.195 km, but you will also be pledging to collect at least €420 in donations from your friends and family (the equivalent of €10 per km) to take part in the race and fund Special Olympics's social mission. In this way, every step you take, every kilometre you cover, will contribute directly to our mission.

By running for us, you can turn your passion for running into a powerful tool for change. You're helping the 700,000 people living with a mental disability in France to fulfill their potential through sport. At the same time, you're helping to change the way society looks at the mental disability.

Imagine the feeling of achievement when you cross the finish line, knowing that your effort will have had a tangible impact for our organisation. It's not just a race, it's a statement: you can make a difference, you can change lives. Romain's, Fanélie's, Jordan's, Constance's and all our athletes with mental disabilities.

So, are you ready to run for more than just the finish line? Join us for the Paris 2024 Marathon and together, let's run for these 700,000 people who are still invisible in the society.